Richard Land: God Calls Christians into Public Service

Addressing Regent University’s Robertson School of Government, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Richard Land told students God calls some into public service — with the express intent of influencing the culture.  Referencing Romans 13, Land said

God “does call some of us to be involved in government, because you cannot write laws that will protect you from bad application by evil people…We need for godly men and women to be willing to be open to the prospect that God’s will for your life may be to go into public service, to serve as a godly civil servant, to serve as a godly legislator, to serve as a godly person in public office, to be salt and light.”

The concept of being salt and light is one of the important factors in Christians serving in a variety of roles, including those some might consider hostile to the Christian faith.

Though there are many challenges within the military, for example — including family separations, the moral challenges of combat, a sometimes crass or worldly culture — Christian cannot simply abandon it.  In fact, Land said God’s command to be salt and light prohibited “withdrawal” from society, as some would suggest in the face of such challenges.

Many leaders in the faith, and leaders of faith, have made similar calls to “engage” the culture.  Mike Huckabee did so just last year, and R.G. LeTourneau did when his life example was “serving” God in a “non-sacred” profession.

Christian service doesn’t just mean being an usher on Sunday morning.  Christians can — and should — serve in their daily lives, wherever that may place them.