Weinstein Predicts Holocaust, Goes After Presidential Candidates

Michael Weinstein recently highlighted an article by ally Bruce Wilson entitled “Rick Perry Event Pastor Predicts Coming “Prison Camps” For Jews.”  Weinstein prefaced it with (emphasis original)

This is the level of religious fundamentalism that threatens our country’s future, and I will NEVER stop fighting it!

The tone was somewhat unusual, given the topic had nothing to do with the military, which is Weinstein’s self-proclaimed forte.  In fact, there’s no public connection to the MRFF at all, save the personal association between the author and Weinstein’s group.  Weinstein’s critical sensationalism on the topic was a display of rank hypocrisy as well, for Weinstein has similarly predicted a dire future for Jews at the hands of American Christians:

In Plan A, evangelical Christians with a smile on their face will ask you to please, please, please accept their biblical worldview of Jesus. The problem with that is, inevitably, Plan A morphs into Plan B. They stop asking so nicely, and then you have the Holocaust, the pogroms, the Inquisition… 
This country is going through — right now — a transition from A to B. (Weinstein quoted in the Colorado Springs Independent, 02 Mar 06)

In their world capital punishment for sodomy, adultery, for unruly children, and the end of free speech are desirable goals mandated by God…

As a Jew I confronted a situation through ears that still hear the cries of my people walking silently into the brick buildings that would reduce them to ash. I cannot stand still and let that happen to my country…

We can expect violence…They may try to harm me but I will not go quietly; I will be a Jew from the Warsaw Ghetto, not Berlin. (Weinstein writing on OpEdnews.com, 24 April 2007)

It is unclear why, beyond mere hypocritical sensationalism, Weinstein holds up for derision beliefs that are not far from his own words.  According to Wilson, Mike Bickle has said Jews in the future may be thrown into prison or death camps.  Michael Weinstein said much the same thing.  Is Michael Weinstein fighting himself, as well?

Notably, Casey Weinstein likewise posted the link on the MRFF Facebook page, with the similar lead-in emphasizing Rick Perry’s candidacy:

A perfect example of the extreme fundamentalist supporters of a potential CINC. THIS is why MRFF must continue our fight!

What is “THIS” that the MRFF must “fight?”

Weinstein himself (or, the person posting for him on his Facebook page) later went on a similar rant when he linked to an article criticizing Newt Gingrich, saying

A taste of what we could expect with Newt Gingrich as CINC. Nice message to the many thousands of atheists in the armed forces, ha?

Is Michael Weinstein trying to influence peoples’ opinions of Newt Gingrich as a possible US President?

Trying to answer that question is where it gets sticky.  You see, even though more than half of the MRFF’s income was used only for Michael Weinstein’s personal paycheck in 2009 (the last year for which records are available), the MRFF is still technically a 501(c)3 “charity.”  Thus,

Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.

If Casey Weinstein’s “THIS” is “fighting” Rick Perry, his supporters, or their elective agenda (and it is hard to figure out what else he could mean), the IRS might have something to say about that.  Ditto for Michael Weinstein pontificating on Gingrich’s qualifications for office — in which he referenced the politically motivated article of a 501(c)4, an organization whose purpose is political lobbying.

If Weinstein has to delve into politics to try to keep himself in the news — and risk the “charitable” status of his self-employed group in the process — he may be suffering from his previously demonstrated need for attention, or he may be simpy hurting for funds.