Frankfurt Airport Shooter No Longer “Believes in Jihad”

Arid Uka, accused in the murder of two members of the US Air Force at the Frankfurt airport in Germany, now says he does not believe Islam permits violence beyond self-defense.

While Arid Uka still prays and considers himself a Muslim, he said Wednesday he was duped by extremist propaganda and no longer believes his religion permits violence, except in self-defense.  He added that shooting the airmen was not permitted by his religion.

This change of heart is somewhat unique, as some other recent terror suspects have used their publicity to dig their hole deeper, rather than repent.  For example, Naser Abdo made outbursts in court recalling Iraq and Hasan, and Umar Abdulmutallab (the underwear bomber) continues to call America a cancer to be eliminated (and says bin Laden and al-Awlaki are actually alive).

Uka killed Airmen Nicholas Alden and Zachary Cuddeback, and has confessed to that fact.