US Coast Guard Academy Enacts Post-DADT Change

Though “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is technically no more, the conversation over the law’s demise continues.

The Air Force Times notes that, for the most part, the US military academies expect “few changes” in the post-“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” environment.

Still, the US Naval Academy at Annapolis [Correction:] US Coast Guard Academy did announce one specific change: 

In one small change, [Rear Adm. Sandra Stosz] said non-roommates of the same gender will have to keep their barracks doors open when they study together, just as opposite-gender cadets currently do — to ensure that the policy is fairly applied.

To be clear, males and females must leave their dorm room doors open when they “study together” to discourage improper activity, including sex.  To “fairly apply” the policy, the Naval Coast Guard Academy will make the rule gender-neutral.

There’s a gaping hole in that logic, however.  The policy restricts only what non-roommates can do — not roommates.  Annapolis The USCGA does not have a gender-neutral rooming policy; a male cannot room with a female, but members of the same sex can room together, regardless of their sexual preference.

Males and females cannot room together for what should be obvious reasons, not unlike the reasoning supporting the open-door policy.

What if that policy were to be “fairly applied” as well?

A previous version of this post incorrectly identified the institution as the US Naval Academy.


  • The way they described it here is that males all have the same parts, so they can live together even if one or both are gay. We’re allowed to close our doors even if there’s just one male and one female in our rooms, but there can be no intimate contact. Previously, we would have had to have the door open.

  • I think the Navy ship is sinking again…made another policy without thinking things through.

    Why is non-roomates studying together the only exception? What about non-roomates in the shower after a work-out at the gym? Should they leave the mens locker room door open too…just incase? Oh crap, sorry Navy dudes, I think I just accidentally gave your brass an addendum to their gender-neutral buffoonery.

    I would expect that if non-roomates [guys] want to study together they will know each others burning desires…to study their anatomy or their math; eh?

  • @Lt. Frank
    You are correct, as should have been caught by the fact Rear Adm. Sandra Stosz is the superintendent of the USCGA, not USNA.

  • @watchtower

    Ditto for me too…[CORRECTION] US Coast Guard iso Navy.

    JD – Can you fix your main Subject line too…it still says US Naval Academy Enacts Post-DADT Change?