Trijicon Sights Increase Number of Expert Marksman Marines

Though at one point it was maligned for publicizing its Christianity, optical sight maker Trijicon has consistently been praised for its world-class rifle sights.

More to the point, a recent US Marine recruit training company graduated having qualified using only Trijicon’s AN/PVQ-31 Rifle Combat Optics, as opposed to the “iron sights” traditionally used.  The result?

“I can tell you Bravo Company had 30 percent more experts than all of the iron sight [shooters] last year,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kenneth Kurre, officer in charge of the MTU.

Corns said Bravo Company also had a 55 percent expert rate, which is unheard of at recruit training.

Of course, the article even attributes some of the Marines’ success to growing up with “first person shooter” video games.

The recruits’ training was an experiment, and it is still debatable right now whether the RCOs will replace iron sight training in the Marines.


  • Trijicon was never maligned for “publicizing its Christianity.” Rather, they were instructed to remove reference numbers to Christian biblical scripture from their gun sights after they were discovered and publicized by the Military Religious Foundation.

    Most of the sights in question were on weaponry distributed to American and Iraqi forces in combat and training venues in combat zones.

    The Pentagon did not wish it to appear that American forces were fighting a religious war but rather a war on Terror. The weapons on which the Christian Scipture was annotated soon gained the name “Jesus Rifles” which further upset tthe Iraqis.

    The act of secretly stamping Biblical Scripture on gunsight serial numbers was seen as an attempt to illegally proselytize Christianity in the mid east, which was a violation of CENTCOM’s General Order #1 and a violation of US Constituonal provision.

    The sights themselves never came under criticism and are considrered a premier gun sight . However the improved shooting of the Marines depended on the optics and not the scripture as all scriptural references have been removed by the manufacturer.

    One of the principal owner of Trijicon was a Christian Supremacist, what we call today, a Dominion Christian. He threw America under the bus to advance his religious beliefs and hatred of Muslims.

  • “The weapons on which the Christian Scipture was annotated soon gained the name “Jesus Rifles” which further upset tthe Iraqis.”

    Iraqis had no clue about it until MRFF came along. But we all know what MRFF’s priority is don’t we?

    “One of the principal owner of Trijicon was a Christian Supremacist, what we call today, a Dominion Christian.”

    Is any Christian that doesn’t go along with the extreme-left/collectivist/atheist agenda a “Christian Supremacist”?

  • @Pete
    Come now, Pete, is this the best you can do?

    “Iraqis had no clue about it until MRFF came along. But we know what MRFF’s priority is,
    don’t we?”

    So it’s OK for a military contractor to violate both military and constituional law with illegal Biblical references on military gunsights as long as those who are using those gunsights don’t know about it?

    And we know very well MRFF’s priority. Freedom of Religion in the Armed Forces. Not just Freedom Of Christianity, but all religions and protection from those who would cram their bastardized form of Christianity down the throats of our young men and women in the military. I understand MRFF’s efforts are now being applauded at the highest levels of the Armed Forces. Haven’t you yet read Gen. Schwartz’s letter to his commanders in which he references religious protocol?

    I’m afraid it is not the liberals but the far right religious Fascists that undertook to change the face of America and the world with the twisted form of Christianity known as Dominionism. Where there are Christian tyrants there will be MRFF. Where there is Christian hegemony, there will be MRFF. And where the theocrats defame and abrogate our constitution, there will be MRFF.

  • @Richard

    You stated that the whole episode with the gun sights caused some kind of bad PR that endangered the troops safety, all i did was to point out that the Iraqis had no clue about it and that it was YOU guys that made the bad PR and endangered the troops safety so don’t come up with the safety argument when we all know you couldn’t care less. But all those semantics and “slick talk” are part of your game right?

    And what about “neo-Communist Dominionism”? For example, that twisted Arleen Ocasio ramming her Dominionism down the throats of grieving families? I guess the secular/communist Dominionists have their own version of “Westboro Baptist Church”…the difference is that the WBC has no power while the neo-Communist Dominionists bullies have plenty of power in media, finances and judicial system.

    Far-left Dominionist Facists ARE changing the face of America and the West with their twisted notion that the Individual should subject himself to the Collective (government) and that religion has to go. Where there are Far-left Dominionists Facists there will always be opposition. And where communistocrats defame and abrogate the US constitution, there will be opposition.

    “Haven’t you yet read Gen. Schwartz’s letter to his commanders in which he references religious protocol?”

    The fact that you use your “slick talk” to glorify such a minor thing tells me that you are getting desperate. Judging by the political atmosphere and how the Far-left neo-Communist Dominionists are losing their grips on power…i don’t blame you.

    BTW…what is MRFF next publicity stunt? Can you give us a preview please? ;)

  • @Pete

    Hi Pete. Your point about MRFF being complicit in making the Iraqis and others aware of the “Jesus Rifles” has some merit. But often one has to make decisions based on what is best for the innocent minority rather than the guilty majority. MRFF probably did notify some who would not have known about the sights but only in the process of protecting the others.

    I see some Ad Hominem creeping into your posts. I had hoped to keep this debate on a non-personal level. If, by slick talk, you mean my composition and vocabulary and my ability to make a point without attacking my opponent, you would be correct.

    To correct one of your heated remarks; you said: ‘Far left Dominionist Fascists.” Fascism is an ultra-conservative form of politics and government which falls just to the right of Nazism on the political spectrum. Simply defined, Fascism is a partnership of totalitarian government, an unregulated Corporate community and state sponsored religion.

    It had its beginnings in Italy in the late 20’s and was the perfect partner for Hitler’s Corporrate, Christian state. Now Communism, the last time I looked, was on the left of the political spectrum. From Center to right on that scale would be Republican, Conservative, Social Conservatve, Nazi and Fascist. On the left it would be Democrat, liberal, socialist and Communist. It would do well for you to get your political slurs correct. LOL

    Also, are you related to JD? Har.

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