Correction: And Abdo Makes Nine

Previously it was noted the foiled attack on Fort Hood by US Army PFC Naser Abdo made 8 recent attacks or attempted attacks on the US military by people apparently somehow motivated by their Islamic beliefs.  That was in error; it is actually 9

The Air Force Times notes the case of Antonio Martinez, a naturalized US citizen who converted to Islam and now uses the name Muhammad Hussain.  Martinez placed and attempted to detonate an SUV-bomb at a military recruiting center in Maryland late last year.  Turns out his accomplices were FBI agents, and their bomb was fake.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Christine Manuelian said investigators captured Martinez on videotape, “grinning from ear to ear,” as he armed the phony bomb.

“There is no indication of any remorse, any concern, any nervousness that he is about to go and kill people,” Manuelian said.

Manuelian said that before Martinez tried to detonate the bomb with a cell phone, he videotaped himself saying, “There will be no place for the oppressors. You will feel our bullets.”

Martinez faces life in prison.

Martinez’s defense says he was entrapped by the FBI.  They now want the charges dropped because they claim the FBI did not record early conversations with Martinez that prove their coercion.

The list of nine attacks/attempted attacks on the US military by assailants apparently claiming some form of Islamic motivation includes four by US servicemembers: