Campus Crusade for Christ to Become “Cru”

The American arm of the ministry known as “Campus Crusade for Christ” will begin phasing out that name and officially become “Cru” over the next year or so.

Amazingly, that’s been big news, even at Fox, CNN, and the Washington Post.

In a classic case of “can’t win,” critics from both sides have blasted the organization.  Some supporters are disappointed to see what they feel is bowing to political correctness.  Some detractors think it is a weak attempt to mask the ‘true mission’ of evangelizing the world.

“Cru” is already used as a nickname in many places in the US.  Outside of the US, the same ministry goes by many other (seemingly unrelated) names.  Campus Crusade for Christ International will reportedly not see an immediate name change.  CCCI is reportedly one of the largest para-church ministries in the world, with 25,000 full and part-time people in 191 countries.

Campus Crusade’s military ministry has long been a target of the MRFF (particularly mentioned at every opportunity by former MRFF CIO Richard Baker), though the same is largely true for every Christian ministry to the military.  As CCC has specifically said their mission hasn’t changed, “Cru” will likely continue to bear the brunt of Michael Weinstein and his friends’ criticisms.  The MRFF may even try to spin this as a “victory” of sorts.

“Change” is often a difficult concept, especially when it comes to ministry, and it seems it is rarely without controversy (see, for example, recent happenings at Focus on the Family).  For their part, the leadership of Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, has said their mission remains the same:  reaching the world for Christ.

One comment

  • That’s right, JD, as long as “Cru’s” stated goals continue to be to evangelize every enlisted member of the military and to use their access to military installations to transform the military into a force of “government-paid missionaries for Christ” (their words, not mine), MRFF will absolutely continue to go after them.

    And, for the record, MRFF does not, and has never had, a position called “CIO.” Rick has served in various volunteer positions for MRFF, including advisory board member and regional coordinator.