MRFF Breaks Secret Christian Code

Last week, Leah Burton, one of Michael Weinstein’s two MRFF board members, launched her most recent attack on Christians in the military.  While she uses the term “dominionist,” like Michael Weinstein she assigns religious labels to people without regard to their actual beliefs.  Thus, though she accuses people of being dominionists (and thus plotting to take over the world), she never proves they actually ascribe to that theology (much like the rest of the MRFF staff, it’s easier just to call people names.)

On that topic, Burton recently wrote a blog re-hashing last fall’s infamous Weinstein meltdown, in which Weinstein wrote a letter with a complaint about which was addressed all the way up to the President.  In a comment on her own blog, Burton said this about “dominionists,” among whom she counts many “Christians:” 

Apparently the MRFF has it all figured out.  Dick Cheney, James Dobson, and Colonel Sanders will now be meeting in a secret underground bunker to plan their next step in world domination, since the nuclear-attack-on-Iran-thing is out of the bag.

The MRFF has truly established itself as a fringe conspiracy group.

Of course, that should be no surprise, given Weinstein founded his group with the clarion call that Christians in America were out to institute “Plan B” and start a second Holocaust.



  • Leah Burton is a well researched and serious author who has exposed the awful goals of Christian Dominionism in the armed forces and government sectors.

    What are Dominionsts to do but deny those things which Ms. Burton has brought to light?

    For years Nazis denied the existence of concentration camps and Hitler’s Vatican Accord with Pope Pius XII in which the Catholic Church turned a blind eye to Hitler’s extermination of the Jews. In and of itself the accord helped to account for the death of millions of Jews and other non-Christians and filled the coffers of Christian churches in Germany.

    Despite their denials and the ridicule which MRFF and it’s President, Mikey Weinstein suffer at the hands of Dominionst Christians they are steadfast in their efforts to expose the Extreme Christian agenda in the US Military. The word for the ongoing attempts to co-opt militray command and control by Dominionist Christians is “insidious.” The Dominionist plan is broad in scope but simple in execution. This is because no one really wants to suspect religious folks of such unAmerican activities. So they get pretty much a free hand in coercive and comand centered proselytizing.

    The truth can be very refreshing and you are invited to read more about Dominionist Christian treachery along with much more information on this outlaw group at

  • Richard,

    What are normal people in the military to do but deny the absurd? The burden of proof is on you, and I don’t accept things like “he drove to work in uniform while the personal car had a overt Christian symbol.”

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