Join the Air Force. See the Business End of a Toilet.

Not every Air Force (or military) job is glamorous.  For example, some military members are deployed to combat areas for one purpose:  To escort the third country nationals who drive the sewage truck that empties the latrines, otherwise known as the “sewage” sucker, though most people use another “s” word.

Along those lines, the Air Force Times notes the story of Senior Airman Michael Waite.  His job?  Aircraft lavatory service.

The job works like this: Waite drives up to an aircraft with his lavatory service truck, better known on base as the SWAT (S—, Water and Trash) truck. A hose is hooked up to a valve on the craft and the human waste is sucked out, while a “blue juice” mix of water and deodorizer is pumped in.

The best line of the article:

Although he said he takes pride in what he does, working with poop is not a long-term career goal.

SrA Waite has an admirable outlook and realizes every job has its role in the mission.  That’s a level of maturity not often seen even among some more senior military members.