Obama Appoints Homosexual Veteran to West Point Board

The Wall Street Journal noted President Barack Obama appointed openly homosexual Army veteran Brenda “Sue” Fulton to the US Military Academy (West Point) Advisory Board.

Fulton is USMA Class of 1980, the first West Point class to include women. She is also part of the Forum on the Military Chaplaincy, an activist organization toward DADT repeal.  Another member of the “forum,” retired Navy Chaplain (CAPT) John Gundlach, recently called military members’ religious opposition to repeal “bigotry.”

The WSJ notes her appointment puts 

the first openly gay or lesbian person onto the board that advises him on West Point.

While interesting in the light of DADT in the news, it is hardly novel.  Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) was appointed to the USAFA Advisory Board in 2009 by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  Polis is not only openly homosexual, but he also suggested USAFA intentionally hire homosexual Chaplains and encourage gay dating.  (In a coincidence of timing, the USAFA Board of Visitors is scheduled to meet next week.)

Via the ADF.