Muslim Marine Charged with Firing on Pentagon, Military Bldgs

Yonathan Melaku, a Marine Corps reservist, has been arrested and connected to a string of shootings at military buildings in the DC area:

Federal prosecutors said…they found bomb-making materials in Melaku’s backpack and later, inside his home, found a typewritten list of potential bomb components.

Investigators also found a video he took of himself firing shots outside the National Museum of the Marine Corps last fall and repeatedly saying the Arabic words “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is Great.”

Melaku has reportedly been dismissed from the Marines after an unrelated criminal incident, which apparently dealt with vehicular vandalism.

Characterizations of Melaku to this point have downplayed his religion, military ties, or string of attacks on the US military.  The only statement to date has described the situation as

“This looks like a whole big bunch of nothing,” said [an anonymous] official, who added that “the general consensus is that it might be some type of mental issue with the guy.”