US Marines Share Faith Together

Each Tuesday morning a group of Marines meets at Camp Pendleton’s Del Mar mess hall to discuss a book chapter applying their faith to their lives.  The informal group is an excellent example of military members simply choosing to meet, encourage and challenge each other, and fellowship together with those of like mind.

The group is made up of all ranks, including a Master Gunnery Sgt and a Colonel.

Master Gunnery Sgt. Isaac T. Black…[said] “Wanting to study something with a spiritual aspect is what brought us together.”

Currently the group is studying the book “A Man After God’s Own Heart.”

“Sharing your faith is something you don’t want to keep within,” said Col. Steve B. Nichols…”Any group like this is a good idea. It’s a positive time…”

A few chaplains joined the group but are not responsible for leading it, Nichols said. “They are just participants sharing.”

Religious freedom is alive and well in the US Marine Corps — even in uniform, in a goverment building, and among a varied group of servicemembers.  Regardless of faith, those who enter the military can rest assured they can exercise their faith even as they contribute to their mission.