Michael Weinstein Threatens to Sue USAFA. Again.

It should take no one by surprise to hear Michael Weinstein say he plans to sue the US Air Force Academy.  His latest:

Weinstein…said [his] organization will bring suit against the academy for the latest survey under a statute that permits citizens to sue on behalf of the government for waste and fraud.

Weinstein said MRFF will demand the removal of the academy’s superintendent, dean and commandant over the Gamble survey.

The “survey” referenced was the assessment by retired General Gamble.  In his typical method of “ready, fire, aim,” Weinstein seems to willfully ignore the fact USAFA — the target of his threatened lawsuit — didn’t ask for the assessment.  It was commissioned by the office of the Secretary of the Air Force, so he’ll have to “demand the removal” of someone far higher than the Superintendent if he wants satisfaction.

Errors like that, which would lead to an early end to his lawsuit, make it easy to forget Weinstein was once a JAG; however, Weinstein is far more likely to fundraise on the scandal than actually follow through on his suit (he has issued such unfulfilled threats with regularity).  Thus, Weinstein achieves his primary objective of vilifying the US military while raising his public profile.

The report also indicates R. David Mullin, outspoken MRFF activist and (arguably insubordinate) member of the USAFA faculty, plans to continue his public attacks on his employer by lodging a similar complaint under the auspices of fraud, waste, and abuse.

The source article is “‘Good News’ Academy Survey Sparking Fraud Claim” by Bryant Jordan of Military.com.  Jordan seems to be the Military.com version of the Colorado Springs Independent‘s Pam Zubeck — a veritable conduit of Weinstein’s prolific press releases over the past few years.  Jordan’s article is written without critique or even question of Weinstein’s accusations.