Pagan Leader Resigned over USAFA Treatment

The name of the US Air Force Academy’s “Cadet Chapel Falcon Circle” was noted yesterday in the discussion of its dedication.  In a response to a Washington Times editorial that accused the Academy of “pandering” to fringe ideas, Michael Weinstein now claims USAFA was “insensitive” in the naming of the area, which led to the “resignation” of the pagan lay leader at USAFA.  If you can get past Weinstein’s gratuitously florid language, he says:

The Times article showed a picture [captioned] as “the Pagan lay leader at the Academy.”  Wrong again, Times editorial buffoons.  [The pagan lay leader], a courageous MRFF client, resigned that titular post a fair number of weeks ago in direct protest over the blatant, strong-arming insensitivity, which the Academy was using in the administration of the naming of that stone circle…

Always quick to resort to the grade school antic of name-calling, Weinstein apparently failed to realize the Times didn’t “describe” anyone as anything.  The caption was written by USAFA when the photo was taken early last year, as the caption clearly indicated.  That notwithstanding, Weinstein finds himself in the fairly common position of arguing with himself.

Recall Weinstein’s prior opposition to USAFA’s invitation to USMC Lieutenant Clebe McClary. Weinstein said McClary wasn’t the ‘right kind’ of Christian and should have been replaced by someone “more inclusive.”

Here, USAFA appears to have chosen an “inclusive” name for its new chapel facility.  Other potential appellations — even pagan, Wiccan, “earth-centered” — would have excluded some portion of the groups the facility was supposedly designed to support.  Yet Weinstein calls the naming of the facility “strong-arming insensitivity.”  His hypocrisy knows no bounds.


  • It’s important to keep in mind that any worship area is considered, by DOD regulation, to be a chapel; and the Cadet Chapel encompasses several other worship areas, including other sacred spaces (such as the Jewish and Buddhist areas) that don’t use the word “chapel” in their religious parlance.

    “Cadet Chapel: Falcon Circle” reflects the DOD regulation and the recognition that the Air Force Academy’s chaplains administer the sacred space, as well as the Academy’s Earth-Centered community’s wish to give the circle a name that symbolizes not only their religion but also their pride in the Academy as an institution, as the falcon is the Academy’s mascot.

    Unfortunately, from my (somewhat outside) perspective, Brandon saw the chaplains at the Air Force Academy fundamentally as obstacles rather than as partners. That’s not the foundation for a good working relationship.

  • Mikey also leaves out some very important facts regarding [the] resignation. How convenient for Mikey and MRFF.

    Mikey should either be more honest with his writing or do a little more research regarding the resignation. Duh!

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