Navy Officer Wants Apology for Callsign

Lt.jg Steve Crowston is the former enlisted Sailor who became an officer and then went through a fighter pilot naming, as previously discussed:

Crowston told the IG that [his commander, Commander Liam] Bruen and the unit’s then-executive officer, Cmdr. Damien Christopher, were in the unit’s ready room during an August 2009 all-officer review of squadron call signs, when Crowston was offered choices such as “Fagmeister,” “Gay Boy” and the group’s final choice, “Romo’s Bitch” — a reference to the quarterback of Crowston’s favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Crowston was the squadron’s administrative/legal officer.

Crowston is demanding an apology for the experience: 

“There’s nothing that says an apology can’t happen,” said Crowston…“I think someone in this Navy chain of command does owe me an apology.”

Crowston has reportedly requested an “Admiral’s Mast” with Admiral John Harvey to obtain the apology and the results of his prior Inspector General complaints.  He may have to wait awhile:

It remains to be seen whether Harvey will grant Crowston’s request for mast, much less issue an apology on behalf of the Navy. [Fleet Judge Advocate CAPT Steve] Barney told Crowston that the command “has no authority to direct that the officers provide you an apology. An apology is a personal matter and a request for an apology is not a redress cognizable” under military law.