USAF F-16 Fighter Pilot Killed in Afganistan

Along with the USAF Academy press release confirming the death of Maj Phil Ambard, an assistant professor, the Air Force also released the names of the others killed during a gunman’s attack.

Among them was Maj David Brodeur, a 1999 USAF Academy graduate and F-16 pilot.  Brodeur wasn’t in Afghanistan flying the F-16, however.  He was apparently part of a unit training Afghan pilots.

Maj Ambard leaves behind a wife and five children, four of whom have followed him into military service (his daughter just returned from deployment).  Maj Brodeur is survived by a wife and two children.

Update: Official military release on those killed in the attack, indicating LtCol Frank Bryant was also an F-16 pilot killed in the attack.  Maj. Jeffrey Ausborn was also killed; he was a T-6 pilot, though his primary weapons system is unknown.  The military released an additional report intended to dispel inaccurate press reporting on the incident.