Fort Hood Youth Group Designs Chaplain Statue

A youth ministry group was responsible for the design and creation of a 1,200 pound bronze statue that will soon grace the US Army Chaplain’s School in Fort Jackson, SC:

The statue was designed and created by a group of Fort Hood kids and teens under the direction of Steve Carter, who runs [Fort Hood’s Chapel Ministry] Bob’s Diner, a middle and high school youth ministry group. Weekly Arts Nights are held at the “diner,” where youth explore and create music, drama and art in a faith-based environment.

Carter noted one of the purposes of the design was to highlight the “immediacy” of the Chaplaincy.  The statue captures a moment immediately after a battle, in which a Chaplain is able to comfort a grieving Soldier.  As has been noted before, Chaplains are literally on the front lines of US military conflicts, serving those who serve.

Read more about Bob’s DinerPhoto credit: Rachel Parks, Fort Hood Public Affairs.