MRFF Allies Release More Info than Air Force, Weinstein a Chow?

USAFA economics instructor R. David Mullin released a letter through the MRFF criticizing the most recent religious climate assessment.  Pam Zubeck of the Colorado Springs Independent tried to get the Air Force to corraborate the MRFF ally’s description of the Religious Climate Review Team led by USAF General (Ret) Patrick Gamble:

In the statement, Mullin notes, “To my knowledge, none (of those in contact with the MRFF) will come forward with their stories of victimization by the establishmentarianists. Why? Because of what the Religious Climate Review Team is not. You are a former USAFA Commandant, another member is a former USAFA Dean of Faculty, and another was a USAFA Permanent Professor for over 30 years. Therefore, you cannot credibly claim that the team is disinterested.”

(Oddly, despite his criticism, it seems Mullin did “come forward” and speak to Gamble’s group.)

According to the CSIndy, the Air Force declined: 

Unfortunately we’re not releasing the list of personnel who assisted Gen. (ret) Gamble at this time.

The allies of the MRFF seem to be publicizing information the Air Force deems inappropriate for release, though perhaps the authors chose their histories, rather than their names, for that very reason.  Interestingly, Zubeck also recently published an email that was addressed to “USAFA Faculty.”  Wonder how she got a copy of that…?

For a bit of comedic relief, Zubeck apparently tried to compliment Weinstein:

Mikey Weinstein, a 1977 grad whose bite is like a chow dog’s — once he clamps down, he never lets go.

Actually, Chows aren’t known for that stereotype.  Zubeck compared Weinstein to the fuzzy-headed dogs with blue tongues.  Even better, you know what Chows have been known for?  A Michigan dog association’s 2000 research said Chows were the dogs most likely to bite when unprovoked.


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  • Funny, he failed to mention that one of them was a retired Navy Captain and Jewish Chaplain… (This guy came to talk to BSU a week or two ago.)