SNAPs and the Fighter Pilot Culture Live On

A fighter pilot discussing the state of the Air Force recently lamented the rise of SNAPs in the fighter pilot culture.

POS commanders are out there…who care more about Green Bag Bible Study than they do about having a normal roll call in the squadron every once in a while. Douchebags that stand in the corner and wince when I correct a punk who starts singing by interrupting and asking “how does every good fighter pilot song start?” [Ed: The answer to that question is not for polite company…]

And they take care of their own. The SNAPs who refuse to drink out of principle and scoff when others do, who get offended at porn in the [bathroom], who don’t understand that TDYs are not money-making events, some of these SNAPs latch on to said DB commander and become golden boys. The cycle continues.

Of course, SNAP is a relative term, with each successive generation thinking the younger one is kinder, gentler, and weaker.

Perhaps more interesting is the perception of this pilot that “moralism” is “taking over” the military, while others would contend moralism is on the way out.

The military can’t be simultaneously overrun by crudes and prudes…can it?