Army Adds Yoga to Training Regimen

A couple of new articles highlight the already-noted trend of members of the US military using yoga in their physical training.

A new twist is that yoga is actually part of the official training now, as opposed to simply being an available class at the gym

To help troops prepare, the Army advocates training that incorporates cross-training, elements of yoga, and the benefits of rest.

The soldiers…are doing Power Vinyasa yoga as part of Soldier 360, a two-week course that teaches resiliency skills NCOs can use to help troops overcome the challenges of repeat deployments and stressful events such as witnessing the combat death of a comrade.

We want the yoga to become a moving meditation so they can become lost in themselves and the outside world can shut down.”

Sgt. Robert Cowans of the 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion said yoga will be mandatory at his PT sessions from now on.

The spiritual aspects of yoga have previously been discussed.