Christian Fighter Pilot Addresses USAFA

Christian fighter pilot (more accurately, Christian attack pilot) Chad Hennings recently had the opportunity to address cadets at the US Air Force Academy during its annual National Character and Leadership Symposium.

Hennings, a former A-10 pilot and member of the SuperBowl winning Dallas Cowboys, was a member of the Sports Panel:

Filled with all the excitement of an NFL championship game, three-time Super Bowl champion Hennings combines hard-hitting sports action with moral truths to convey powerful, behind-the-scenes insights on what it takes to become a winner.

Others addressing the NCLS included recent Medal of Honor recipient SSGT Salvatore Giunta, retired Col George “Bud” Day, and retired Col Paula Gould, wife of USAFA Superintendent LtGen Michael Gould.  Col Gould, with an impressive career in her own right, has spoken to military audiences before, expressing a similar sentiment to the General on matters of priority:

“Our family shares the same priorities, putting God first, family second and our jobs third,” Paula emphasized.