XM25 Punisher Sees Combat in Afghanistan

The US Army’s latest technological marvel for the average Soldier has reportedly seen combat in Afghanistan.  The XM25 is an anti-defillade weapon, using lasers and programmable shells to deny the enemy the opportunity to hide behind protective cover.  Dubbed “the Punisher,” the XM25 has seen limited use in Afghanistan in an experimental status, but it has received continuous praise: 

All five prototypes were sent to Afghanistan in November. Officials are putting the final touches on data and analysis, but said Col. Douglas Tamilio, project manager for soldier weapons, said the weapons “performed flawlessly” and no maintenance issues showed.

Soldiers have been so pleased with the XM25 that they are carrying it as a primary weapon, and not bothering to bring an M4 as a secondary weapon, said Maj. Christopher Conley, who monitored the employment of XM25 on behalf of PEO Soldier.

The XM25 is in “pre-production” and the deployment to Afghanistan was another layer of testing.  In fact, the article says the rounds were hand-built, and cost $1,000 a piece.