USAFA Prayer Luncheon on Many Faiths

A US Air Force Academy press release on its National Prayer Luncheon highlighted the “many faiths” represented at the event.  Key speaker Lt Clebe McClary spoke of his Christian faith, but he emphasized motivation, resilience, and self-worth:

Lieutenant McClary introduced his audience to a few acronyms they might not have heard of previously. Three examples included PRIDE: “Personal Responsibility in Daily Effort,” FIDO: “Forget It and Drive On,” and PATCH: “Positive Attitude that Characterizes Hope.”

“Life’s tough. You know that better than I do,” he said. “Are you going to get bitter, or are you going to get better?…”

The lieutenant also challenged people to think about what they’re worth.

“As I drive around the country, I see folks who have a very poor self image: they just don’t think much of themselves,” he said. “But what are you really worth? Would you sell your arm for a million dollars?…” Gesturing to his eye patch, he continued, “Would you sell me an eye for a million dollars?

“As I look around, most of you have been blessed, haven’t you?” he asked the audience. “Two arms, two eyes, two legs. You’re worth $6 million just for used parts. How about your heart? How about your brain? God did a tremendous job when He created each and every one of you. He’s got a tremendous plan and purpose for your life.”

The article also includes the text of the Islamic, Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist prayers offered at the event.