IG Says Ensign Faced Retaliation over Complaint

The Inspector General has reportedly determined that US Navy Ensign Steve Crowston faced reprisal in the form of an “unfavorable fitness report” after lodging complaints against his leadership.

Crowston was an “administration/legal officer” and had recently become an officer after previously serving as a petty officer.  The aviators in his unit included him in the fighter pilot tradition of a Naming; Crowston lodged complaints as a result.

Crowston’s then-commander, Cmdr Liam Bruen, has reportedly been reassigned pending the completion of the investigation.

The reports indicate the IG only substantiated the allegation of reprisal, not the other allegations of harassment.  Those allegations were initially unsubstantiated; Crowston appealed that decision and added the reprisal.  Interestingly, both FoxNews and Military.com characterized it as “anti-gay harassment.”

Bruen told FoxNews he had only heard about it through the media.