Fired Navy Captain Honors Not Retiring, or Backing Down

US Navy CAPT Owen Honors, recently fired skipper of the USS Enterprise due to videos he produced and starred in several years ago, has indicated he will not retire from the Navy.

According to reports, Admiral John Harvey has recommended Honors be “discharged for cause.”

In terms of what lies ahead for Honors, [attorney Charles] Gittins said the two-year statute of limitations for a captain’s mast has passed, so the Navy’s only options for further formal punishment would be to take Honors to court-martial or to hold a board of inquiry to discharge him from the Navy, as Harvey has recommended.

Whether the Navy acts on Harvey’s recommendation is up to the head of Navy Personnel Command.

Honors’ statement to investigators is now online, as are his fitness reports from the time in question.  The statement essentially summarizes Honors’ entire career, noting he once ejected from a T-45 at Edwards AFB and gave Tom Brokaw a four-hour flight over Iraq in an F-14.  It also explains the interesting origination of the videos under investigation:

While I was XO of Enterprise, the Public Affairs Officer came to me prior to our first Saturday night at sea and informed me that “XO Movie Night” was every Saturday evening and I was “required” to choose the movie.  We talked and I said I would like to explain to the crew my criteria for choosing movies.  This idea evolved into the production of a brief “Masterpiece Theater”-type of video introduction with me in a bathrobe, some soda in a champagne glass and a cigar…Since this introductory video was so well received, we decided to use this format to address different events and issues around the ship in a playful manner…

Honors also indicates he may know who released the videos, implying it was someone under investigation for a potential court martial.