Arizona Shooter was Left-Right-Wing Fundamentalist-Atheist

It was disturbing this weekend to see the attempted assassination of US House Rep Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) — in which a 9 year old girl lost her life — devolve into a game of political gotcha within minutes.

Because Giffords was a pro-abortion Democrat who defeated a “Tea Party” candidate just a few weeks ago, some pointed at right-wing “AM radio-listeningpro-life extremists.  When the alleged shooter’s internet ramblings started to become public — in which he appears to be a confused socialist and ambiguously anti-religion — the speculation went from “conservative fundamentalist” to “lunatic.”  Apparently because to be “left wing” or “atheist” and responsible for a murderous rampage would be inherently crazy.

To this point, there is no evidence the alleged shooter jumped up on a table and yelled an ideological statement before opening fire (though he apparently failed in an attempt to join the US Army).  No one knows this person’s motive or ideology; therefore, it is irresponsible to try to lay blame on speculation.

Giffords is the wife of US Navy fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut CAPT Mark Kelly, currently slated to go up on the last shuttle mission to meet his twin brother at the Space Station in just a few weeks.  They have two children.

Later noted at FoxNews.