Support the Troops but Demean Their Very Purpose?

A few articles have surfaced on the potential some schools may “let” ROTC return now that DADT has been repealed.

At the Washington Post, Colman McCarthy had an interesting take on the mission of the military when he recalled his interview with Notre Dame on ROTC:

I asked if he actually believed there could be a Christian method of slaughtering people in combat, or a Christian way of firebombing cities, or a way to kill civilians in the name of Jesus. Did he think that if enough Notre Dame graduates became soldiers that the military would eventually embrace Christ’s teaching of loving one’s enemies?

But don’t take that to mean he doesn’t “support the troops:” 

To oppose ROTC…is not to be anti-soldier. I admire those who join armies, whether America’s or the Taliban’s: for their discipline, for their loyalty to their buddies and to their principles, for their sacrifices to be away from home…

ROTC and its warrior ethic taint the intellectual purity of a school, if by purity we mean trying to rise above the foul idea that nations can kill and destroy their way to peace.

He’s not “anti-soldier.”  He’s just “anti-everything-soldiers-represent.”  Makes perfect sense.

And McCarthy admires US Marines in the same manner he admires Taliban insurgents trying to kill Americans.  Nice.