Letter: DADT Repeal Creates “Propaganda” for al Qaeda, Taliban

A letter to the editor in a local Colorado Springs newspaper raised the spectre that open homosexuality in the US military might actually help America’s adversaries:

I can’t wait until the Taliban and Al Qaida use this [DADT repeal] law as a recruiting tool for hardcore Muslim insurgents in its proof just how infidel America is when its government endorses homosexuality by law.

Notwithstanding the rhetoric, he’s right.  Islamic extremists have cited America’s “moral depravity” as reason for attacking it.  Openly allowing homosexuals to serve — even to serve in areas where Islamic law may demand death for simply being homosexual — may yet “advance the cause” of the Taliban and al Qaeda “propaganda machine,” to borrow a phrase from conspiracy theorist Michael Weinstein.

(Then again, the opposite may be true.  American and British forces have reportedly been “frequently confused” about male sexuality in Afghanistan, where homosexuality is apparently unusually common yet strongly denied.  Those same forces reportedly expressed “unease” at being propositioned, as well as the inability to prevent the “apparent acts of pedophilia by Afghan soldiers and police.”)

Weinstein has frequently accused American citizens engaged in religious exercise of providing “propaganda” to extremist adversaries, since those adversaries either oppose or are offended by Christianity and, naturally, their offense should dictate America’s freedoms.

Think he’ll be intellectually consistent and note the same in this case?

Didn’t think so.  (In fact, in a bid for publicity he long ago expressed support for repeal.)

One comment

  • Allowing girls to read is a propaganda tool for the Taliban. Letting people be Hindu is a propaganda tool for the Taliban.

    Serioulsy, once you start asking if people like the Taliban would approve of something then you have lost the right to be taken seriously.