Frontline Faith Project Gives Soldiers Comfort

The Frontline Faith Project, started by local Catholic parishioner Cheri Lamonte, is distributing mp3 players to American servicemembers with homilies, religious music, readings, and prayers:

Cheri Lomonte started the grassroots Frontline Faith effort last spring after learning that some servicemen and women can go months without having access to a military chaplain.

“The soldiers in the field … once they get it, they want their best friend to have it too…. And the feedback we are getting is: “I get to hear Mass every day” or ” I get to hear these prayers.”

Importantly, the CNN article notes the FFP is not the only organization supporting servicemembers and Chaplains.  It specifically notes Campus Crusade’s Military Ministry and the ecumenical Adopt-a-Chaplain.  (See Links for more.)

The FFP’s effort is similar to Faith Comes by Hearing’s BibleStick, which is a miniature mp3 player pre-loaded with the New Testament.