USAF Gives Micronesia a Merry Christmas

The Stars and Stripes covers the 58th annual Operation Christmas Drop executed by the US Air Force over the Federated States of Micronesia.

The Christmas drop started in 1952 when the aircrew of a WB-29 bomber from Anderson flew over the Micronesian atoll of Kapingamarangi and noticed the islanders waving to them. [In the spirit of the holiday season] the crew quickly gathered some items they had on the plane, placed them in a container with a parachute attached and dropped the cargo as they circled back over, according to the Air Force… 

Nearly 100 pilots, loadmasters and other airmen from Yokota will deliver the gifts, which are collected through donation drives on Guam. The Yokota team then pick ups the cargo at Guam’s Anderson Air Force Base and literally drops it off to the islands.

The airdrop is used as a “training exercise” each year.  The boxes to be dropped are marked with well wishes and “Merry Christmas from the USA/36 Airlift Squadron.”