Christian Faces Trial in Afghanistan

Charisma magazine reports Afghan Christian Said Musa was to face a judge this past Sunday, though he had yet to be told what charges he faced after six months in jail.  He was imprisoned in May, after a local Afghan station broadcast pictures of Afghan Christians being baptized.

The article notes that Musa has been a Christian for 8 years, and it is a capital crime in Afghanistan to leave Islam.

Government officials reportedly called for the execution of the filmed Christians in June.

Yes, this is the same Afghan nation and government that members of the US military, defenders of freedom around the world, are currently supporting with their very lives.

As previously noted, women’s rights have received far more attention than religious freedom in Afghanistan.  According to the just-released International Religious Freedom Report for 2010, the US government’s response thus far to Afghanistan’s treatment of religious freedom has been:

The U.S. government discusses religious freedom with government officials as part of its overall policy to promote human rights.