A Christian Officer’s Toolbox

Officers’ Christian Fellowship has an article entitled “A Christian Officer’s Toolbox,” which presents a variety of practical ways in which Christian military officers can integrate their faith and their profession.

The list of suggested tools, written by US Navy LtCmdr Brian Haggerty, includes 

  • Accountability
  • Provide Alternate Reading Material
  • Provide Alternate Activities
  • Pray
  • Be Ready
  • Support, Host, or Lead a Bible Study
  • Volunteer to be Your Unit’s Lay Leader
  • Take a Missionary Trip
  • Participate in Your Church or Chapel Community

Some of these suggestions have been covered in more detail in other discussions about living a life of faith in the military, such as Christian Fighter Pilot is not an Oxymoron.

Significantly, the OCF article notes the importance of knowing what is and is not permitted, rather than acting on assumption:

We cannot allow ourselves to be defeated by perceptions that Christian activities will not be tolerated in the military!

The short article is worth the read.