Fort Campbell Breaks Ground on $8.4M Chapel

An effort by local businesses and military leaders has garnered the sprawling Fort Campbell military facility the finances it requires to build a new chapel.  A group of 55 local business leaders and public officials

explained to lawmakers that at that time, Fort Campbell was at only 31 percent of the military requirement for chapels. The existing chapels — aging World War II-era “temporary” structures — often had inadequate capacity for Eagle Remembrance ceremonies to honor fallen comrades.

The large facility will allow assemblies of over 1,200 and provide space for a variety of religious services.  The local paper editorializes: 

Not all attention and funding can be directed toward the war effort. The spiritual and morale needs of our soldiers and their families here at home also must be met.

This chapel complex will make a positive difference in the lives of those who have made so many sacrifices for their country. We look forward to its completion and thank everyone who had a hand in securing that funding during tight economic times.

The religious needs of military posts/bases of this size are significant.  Fort Leavenworth hosts nearly 70 religious services a month with an annual attendance nearing 200,000.