Chaplain Blesses Local Animals

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Brisson of Fort Bragg recently held a “Blessing of the Pets” for his congregation.

According to the Catholic religion, the blessing of animals tradition began with St. Francis’ love for animals and the environment making him a friend and protector to them. Even though world wide this widely-practiced ceremony continues to grow with owners bringing cows, horses, and various other pets, to blessings, Fort Bragg honored dogs and birds with it’s first-ever intimate ceremony.

US military Chaplains supporting the troops…and, their pets.


  • Praying for goats now funded by the tax payers who pay the salary of this Lt Col. Barking madness…Ruff!

  • I’m sure he charged overtime for the service. Yes that’s sarcastic.

  • Watchtower: Damn skippy. If you want taxpayers to pay for Protestant services, then you have to open the door to other faiths as well. It’s all or none.