Warning: “Freedom” Group Says This Site Contains “Outright Lies”

Michael Weinstein, head of his own non-profit Military Religious Freedom Foundation, says ChristianFighterPilot.com is a “Christian supremacist” site containing “outright lies” and “falsehoods.”

This most recent attack finds its source in a letter written by Weinstein and addressed to the Secretary of Defense — and copied to everyone from the Joint Chiefs to President Obama.  In it, Weinstein says a “catalyst” to a complaint from an Air Force Academy cadet was:

The inclusion by the Air Force Academy Public Affairs Office in the daily Academy-wide “Falcon Clips” email of a sectarian Christian-themed blog post…

The “Falcon Clips” are a compilation of public references to goings-on at the Air Force Academy.  They are emailed out daily, and, according to these reports, included a reference to “Bat Signal Busted, Weinstein Declares War Back On.”  It would appear Weinstein took issue:

Well over a hundred [posts on this] sectarian Christian-themed website have been about or mentioned MRFF, many containing outright lies about the foundation, its staff, and its activities…

[This individual] is devoted to promoting Christian supremacy in the military through personal attacks and lies on his internet website.

Interestingly, while Weinstein’s letter was exceedingly specific in many details, including naming parties to his other complaints, he declined to identify this site in his publicized letter, instead saying (twice)

The specifics of this individual’s extensive internet activities and his Christian supremacy website are available by contacting Lt. Gen. Richard Harding, The Judge Advocate General of the USAF in the Pentagon.

However, other distributors of Weinstein’s information were not so coy.  The TruthOut website (Weinstein is on their “Board of Advisers”) published a lengthy article on the topic, including an apparent admission identifying ChristianFighterPilot.com as the site in question:

The cadet reports that, in response to the MRFF’s attempt to hold USAFA leaders accountable, the academy’s public affairs office included anti-MRFF blog posts from www.christianfighterpilot.com in a blanket email containing news clips about the USAFA to the entire academy.

The blog, constantly at odds with Weinstein and the MRFF, reports deflecting a MRFF lawsuit earlier this year. Weinstein said the MRFF is considering future legal action.

In its letter to the DoD, the MRFF maintains that the Christian Fighter Pilot “God and Country” blog has spread personal attacks and lies about the foundation.

Neither the source letter nor any of the repeating websites provide any facts to support Weinstein’s claim this site publishes “outright lies” (or those of any other kind).  Weinstein also fails to support his repeated characterization of this site as “promoting Christian supremacy” — “in the military” or anywhere else.

In response to the complaints about the inclusion of this site in the Falcon Clips, a USAFA Public Affairs representative threw up his hands (emphasis original):

The reason that blog made it into the clips is the same reason Pam Zubeck’s blog entry made it into the previous day’s clips — because it’s talking about the Air Force Academy.

But my office can’t seem to win for losing: I’ve gotten complaints from people who don’t want to see Mikey mentioned in the clips at all, and now, we have this complaint from someone who doesn’t want to see the other side of the argument mentioned … DESPITE the fact that BOTH articles were relevant to what’s going on at the Air Force Academy.

(Interestingly, he highlights the fact Weinstein didn’t complain about the Zubeck blog, which did little more than publish his vitriolic diatribe against the Air Force Academy, and this unnamed site, word for word.)

Public articles accurately report Weinstein threatened to sue this site, an apparent attempt at intimidation after articles were posted with which he disagreed.  In this most recent letter, Weinstein says information about this site is available at the ‘Pentagon JAG.’  Now, why would the Pentagon JAG be involved, and how would Weinstein know that?

It seems likely Weinstein or his allies have relied not only on threats of lawsuits but also on complaints to the Pentagon to counter those with whom he disagrees.

Weinstein has a penchant for witty one-liners that make great press ledes, but he has consistently demonstrated a gross inability to articulate a defense of his conspiracy theories (like his assertion that American Christians are instituting “Plan B”).  When faced with legitimate ideological opposition, Weinstein has never publicly refuted it.  Instead, he has resorted to legal threats, physically threatening language, and even name-calling  — apparently trying to silence his critics, because he is incapable of answering them.