Fort Bragg Undeterred by Criticism of Chaplaincy Event

According to various reports, Fort Bragg plans to continue with its Rock the Fort event despite complaints the participation of US military personnel constitutes a violation of the Constitution.

In a letter this week responding to concerns expressed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick wrote that he’s confident the planned “Rock the Post” event doesn’t infringe on anyone’s freedoms. 

“I have taken steps to ensure that no soldier in my command is pressured in any way to attend this event,” wrote Helmick, commander of the 18th Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg.

Helmick also wrote that Bragg would provide the same opportunity to non-Christian religious groups that want to host similar events.

Further, the General specifically defended the Constitutionality of the Army’s actions:

Helmick noted that the event occurs at an off-duty time for most soldiers at Fort Bragg and that the Constitution allows for the military to have chaplains and for the Corps to offer religious events to soldiers at the Installations.

Helmick is completely correct, of course.  The groups that have complained have no Constitutional foundation for doing so.

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