US Army Chaplain Killed in Afghanistan

Reports indicate one of the four military members killed in a roadside bomb attack on Monday was Chaplain (Capt) Dale Goetz, US Army.  He was apparently deployed to Afghanistan from Fort Carson, near Colorado Springs, CO.

“He had a great burden for the soldiers,” said Jason Parker, pastor of High Country Baptist Church of Colorado Springs. “His specific prayer request was to see 300 soldiers come to Christ. He was also praying for God to call 10 of those soldiers into the ministry. That was one of his specific prayer requests.

“God was using him. He was very actively witnessing. He didn’t want to be just a social worker. He wanted to see soldiers hear the Gospel and trust Christ.”

He is survived by his wife and three children.


  • This deeply saddens me. I will pray for his wife and kids tonight. I hope he is resting well with God today.

  • Russ Dewell, Army Nat. Guard Chaplain

    Dale’s death is testamony of how chaplains trully “…walk through the valley of death…” with our brave Service Members. Make no mistake, the struggle in Afghanistan is as much spiritual as it is military and political. Chaplains and their Assistants are the pointmen in that spiritual war.