Weinstein Fights Christians in Military

Michael Weinstein recently published a letter “about the importance of supporting” a left-leaning website that is apparently suffering a financial shortfall.  The letter was used in a fundraising push for the site, for which MRFF ally Jason Leopold is a “managing editor” and Weinstein himself is a board member.  The message included an allusion to his oft-repeated conspiracy theory that Christians are trying to take over the US military (and the world): 

This country has married weapons of mass destruction to crazy fundamentalist Christians…

Note that when Weinstein speaks about what’s important to him, he falls back on Christians, not religious freedom.  Of course, Weinstein even admits that fighting “evangelical religious fundamentalists” — not defending religious freedom — is the whole reason he created his non-profit.

Despite Weinstein’s occasional attempt to claim a high ground with respect to freedom or the Constitution, his own statements and actions demonstrate that Christians, not religious freedom, are the focus of his schemes.