US Army Unmoved by Weinstein Threat

Despite being a recipient of the Weinstein Method, the US Army has reportedly said that threats of legal action are insufficient for it to change the symbol on the Fort Carson Evans Army Community Hospital:

“No one is considering changing any emblem based on a lawsuit or threat of a lawsuit,” Army Lt Col. Christopher Garver told June 21.

Within the article, Weinstein displays his own hypocrisy: 

He said the use of a symbol that even the Army acknowledges is religious violates the separation clause of the Constitution.

Ignoring the ludicrous nature of that accusation, Weinstein fails to note that the Army “acknowledges [the] religious” nature of many emblems, including those with a variety of non-Christian imagery that is far more explicit than a fitche on a cross.  It is only the “Christian” imagery that Weinstein complains about, however.

Regardless, though he did get a personal meeting with the post commander, it appears Weinstein is perturbed his notoriety was insufficient to get the Army to acquiesce to his demand.  It’s almost as if the Army and the public are wising up to Weinstein, and realize he doesn’t have the perseverance to actually follow through if his complaint is dismissed.