Weinstein Threatens Another Suit Over Military Symbols

Previous articles have noted Michael Weinstein’s biased complaint about a red cross on the emblem of a military hospital in Fort Carson.

As reported by the Colorado Springs Gazette, Weinstein apparently had a personal audience with Fort Carson post commander MajGen David Perkins recently.  Weinstein indicated the General basically told him to pound sand, though the military only confirmed the fact the historic heraldry was not a unit level decision:

[Weinstein] said he traveled to Fort Carson on Friday for a meeting with post commander Maj. Gen. David Perkins. Weinstein said Perkins told him the hospital emblem was a “Pentagon matter” and that the Army had little interest in altering the emblem with two wars in progress.

Lt. Col. Steve Wollman, a Fort Carson spokesman, confirmed the meeting took place but said Perkins merely passed on the message that decisions about the hospital emblem, in use since 1969, were not his to make.

“We follow policies, and we follow directives,” he said. “We don’t make them here.”

Weinstein has indicated an upcoming “legal battle” over the issue (“See you in court”) though he has made many such empty promises before.¬† For example, he has promised to appeal each of the lawsuits he lost (which has been all of them), yet he has never done so.