Cheating Officer: Everybody Does It

Former US Marine 2nd Lieutenant Adam Ballard has given his excuse for his lapse in integrity, in which he cheated on a land navigation testeverybody’s doing it, and it was the school’s fault:

Ballard admits his actions were wrong but said they were facilitated by “inordinately lax procedures at [the basic officer school]…”

Over half of the three hundred Marines in our company possessed the same information that I had and that those numbers were comparable, if not more, in all the other training companies past and present…

As noted here often, neither a “culture” that seems to encourage cheating, nor a tangible disadvantage for not cheating are excuses for making the “easier” wrong choice.

One comment

  • Thanks for making that point. Just because “everybody is doing it” doesn’t mean YOU have to do it (what I screamed at the article after his comment). What does that have to do with his integrity or lack thereof? If nothing else, I would imagine one of the most important things taught at the USNA or any military training environment is that one must posess a good sense of integrity, character, and a strong moral compass to successfully handle the various situations a military servicemember, especially an officer, must face. I hope learns to take responsibility for his own actions.