Alternate Career Path: Truck Driver. Or Trucking Chaplain.

A running joke in military pilot training is that if it gets too difficult, you can always quit and become a truck driver.  In fact, the phone number for truck driving schools is often posted on the flight bulletin boards.  While perhaps a little insensitive to those in the truck driving profession, it makes a valid point: no one is making you do this.  It’s your choice: do your best, or quit.

If nothing else, should a pilot training student decide to go that route (and no, it wouldn’t be that simple), they’d at least be able to get the spiritual support they needed.

Transport for Christ sponsors Chaplains and mobile Chapels (converted 18-wheeler trailers) not only throughout the US, but also throughout the world.  The Chaplains serve, counsel, minister, and, yes, convert.

And the number for that truck driving school is…