Mojave WWI Memorial Stolen

The VFW cross that has stood in the Mojave desert for decades — and survived a lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court — has reportedly been ripped from its foundations and stolen.  This was apparently no small feat, as it is located in a remote part of the desert, was fastened firmly to the ground, and made of 6-8 feet (depending on who’s measuring) of concrete-filled pipe.

A reward has been offered for information leading to the conviction of those responsible.  While the ACLU and others have disavowed criminal activity, some have said this was the result they sought, even if not the means.

The caretakers for the cross have already begun the process to replace it, intending to put up one identical to the one erected in 1934.  The Alliance Defense Fund issued a release condemning the vandalism, and included pictures of the cut bolts where the cross stood.