Thunderbirds Fly Super Bowl Winners

Much to the chagrin of the general public, you pretty much have to be famous or have a friend in the right place to score a ride in an Air Force fighter.  Recently, Super Bowl XLIV champions Drew Brees and Jabari Greer had that experience, even flying with the US Air Force demonstration team, the Thunderbirds, during the Defenders of Liberty airshow at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana.

Generally, the flights serve as an act of goodwill between organizations with similar objectives; the military recruits through many NFL related activities and participates in official capacities in a variety of roles, including military color guards, oaths of enlistment during games, and, of course, the ever famous flybys.  For his part, Brees has participated in five USO tours visiting troops in the combat theatres.  (He reportedly has three flights with the Blue Angels under his belt a well.)

Of course, given recent criticism of NASCAR, those sensitive to offense might soon take issue with the military’s relationship with the NFL.  After all, the NFL, too, is “overwhelmingly Christian,” and Brees himself is an outspoken Christian.  It seems Christians are just everywhere, doing great work in a variety of professions, serving as excellent role models, and working for God wherever it is he has placed them.  It seems you can be a Christian and an NFL quarterback, NASCAR driver, fighter pilot…