McChrystal Addresses Easter Service

A sunrise Easter service, which may trace its tradition back to the early 1700s, was celebrated at Fort Stewart, Georgia, with a unique speaker.

It turns out General Stanley McChrystal, who is currently the commander of US military forces in Afghanistan, has a brother who is a retired Colonel…and Chaplain

Marne Garden ushered in Easter morning with a message from Chaplain (Col.) Scott McChrystal (Ret.), that God is alive. 

“His resurrection affects the past, the present, and the future,” began McChrystal. “The past because our sins can be forgiven, the future because of the promise of eternal life, and the present because the Holy Spirit can come inside us.”

…He told the crowd that he would not take for granted that everyone is a Christian, but did say that all need to connect with the resurrection.

He indicated strong support for living out a life of faith in the military, one of life evangelism:

“What people see of Jesus many times is what they see in you and me,” McChrystal said.