Canada and Religious Freedom…as a Weapon

The American military isn’t the only one that has to contend with accusations of mistreating detainees–or of crusading a religion.

In late December, the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service concluded that a list of accusations against the Canadian military over the past few years were “unfounded.”  The list included not only physical mistreatment, but also religious coercion: 

The investigative arm of the Canadian Forces Military Police received complaints in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 ranging from allegations of being been forced to adopt a new religion, not given time to go to the washroom or nor allowed sufficient time for religious rituals.

The investigators determined the Canadian military members treated the detainees appropriately.

It is probably safe to say that our adversaries know that Western nations, particularly the United States, value religious freedom.  It is ironic that they have learned they can use accusations that we have violated their religious freedom in order to advance their cause–which is the antithesis of religious freedom.