Chaplains Bring Religion to the Front Lines

An Army article relates the story of Chaplain (Capt) Carl Subler, one of only two Catholic Chaplains in the RC-South portion of Afghanistan.

Like Chaplain Foley, Subler also carries a kit with him containing the necessary supplies to conduct Catholic Mass, even if its done by headlamp on a helicopter landing pad.

DoD Photo (Staff Sergeant Christine Jones)

An Airman in the group noted the importance of faith to the soldiers:

“It gives them strength to believe that they can hold on. They are going to be here for so long that it’s hard to believe, ‘Am I going to make it without dying?’ . . . especially after you see death around you. It makes you appreciate more what you have to do to make it home safe to your family,” he said.

The US military openly supports the spiritual needs of its servicemembers, even in a region that might sometimes be characterized as hostile to their faiths.¬† ‘Only in the American military’¬†could a combat Soldier expect to receive the sacraments of his faith on a pile of rocks by headlamp, lead by a Chaplain helicoptered in for the express purpose of his support.