Hasan’s Superiors were ‘Strong Christians’

As the national intrigue continues into the events leading up to the massacre at Fort Hood, one question generating interest even at the Congressional level is why no one ever said anything about Hasan’s ‘militant’ behavior or statements.  Reports indicate that fellow medical students did complain, but no official reports were lodged because no one wanted to be viewed as prejudiced against a Muslim.

Michael Weinstein, of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, “doesn’t believe” those medical students, for a very specific reason: 

Weinstein…said he also doesn’t believe reports that Hasan’s colleagues hesitated to report his changes in behavior because of political correctness. In fact, he claimed, Hasan’s superiors would have been sympathetic to hearing such charges because of their strong Christian beliefs. (emphasis added)

Simple question:  What were Hasan’s superiors’ religious beliefs?  Since that information is not publicly available, it is unclear how Weinstein was able to assess not only each of Hasan’s superiors’ and instructors’ religious beliefs, but also how each of their religious beliefs guided their motivations.

Weinstein’s statement is asinine.  It is ludicrous–and prejudiced–to categorically assert that each of Hasan’s superiors was not only Christian, but also biased against Islam because of their Christianity.

Ironically, Weinstein undermines his own credibility.  If malcontent Christians were so ubiquitous in the military, as Weinstein asserts, and they would be inclined to report and take action against Hasan, a Muslim, because of their Christianity…

Why didn’t they?

Weinstein and his MRFF have painted Hasan as the veritable poster child for victimization by unbridled Christian persecution in the US military–but they have done so without any evidence.  Despite their irrational accusations, they have yet to provide a single example of someone harassing, persecuting, discriminating against, or even just making Hasan uncomfortable because they were Christians.  Indeed, there are several allegations that Hasan was harassed because he was Islamic, but no one (except Weinstein) has even implied that the alleged perpetrators were of any specific belief system.

Weinstein is simply assuming that because Hasan wasn’t Christian, and he was allegedly harassed, that the perpetrators must, ipso facto, be Christians.  Though his words have been framed as a defense of Islam, in so doing Weinstein commits the identical offense against Christianity.

As previously noted, Weinstein is attempting to garner political mileage out of the Fort Hood massacre, while painting Christianity as a villain in the process.  While he has found an outlet or two to carry his views, his inane accusations appear to be fading from the scene.