Prayer Luncheons Unite and Strengthen in Iraq

Gen. James C. Nixon, the deputy commanding general of operations for Multi-National Division – North, recently spoke at the final Task Force Lightning Prayer Luncheon.  The event was held at Contingency Operating Base Speicher in Iraq.  According to the hosting Chaplains, General Nixon was able to “share his faith and tell people, ‘This is what God is doing for me. Consider these things as you live your life’.”

The prayer events have been part of the unit’s emphasis on spiritual fitness.

“Prayer luncheons are a good thing for many reasons,” explained [Chaplain (Capt.) Tony Cech]. “They enable us to connect to others who are part of the Army community and who are believers. But also, these events make us think vertically…Events like this, when they talk about our purpose, remind us God has a higher purpose for us, and help us to think about life’s big picture and reflect on the fact that we are all spiritual beings.

Soldiers who attended the event were grateful for its impact:

I hope they continue to have these events…General Nixon really made an impact on me, especially his emphasis on spiritual fitness.  I definitely thought of exercising that aspect of my life more. Just like in the gym. You try and build and work muscles to get stronger. It’s the same with your faith.

As these luncheons demonstrate, Chaplains and commanders in the military go to great lengths to provide their subordinates with the spiritual resources they need, both for their continued resilience and the ensurance of their free exercise.