Army Resiliency Training to be Implemented Force-wide

General George W. Casey, Army Chief of Staff, recently spoke about making resiliency training, which is currently used in varying forms across the service, an Army-wide program.

Despite incorrect prior accusations, the proposed resiliency program is not a religiously-based effort.  The article specifically mentions the maligned Fort Hood Resiliency Campus, noting that it includes

a spiritual fitness center for “individualized spiritual discovery” and growth, a financial readiness branch, and a wellness center, which includes a physical fitness center, as well as physiological health programs like stress control.

These efforts are but one part of the Army’s attempt to address the “whole person” when ensuring their readiness for service in the Army.¬† The high rate of suicides to date has been blamed in some part on the Army’s lack of emphasis on emotional and spiritual “resiliency” in its troops.